Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Nineteen Great Things About Having Fibromyalgia

What's so wonderful about Fibromyalgia? Not much, but laughter is great medicine when my regular meds aren't doing much -- like today!

Here are 19 great things about having fibromyalgia...

1: I have entered several contests and have a good chance of winning (e.g. Cognitive Dysfunction Poster Child) The first prize is a 5-year membership in Medicine of the Month Club. I don't remember what second prize is, which increases my chance of winning!

2: I have saved money on books. When my brain is "down" I am able to read the very same book I read last week without recalling the ending.

3: I am a cheap date. I don't consume alcoholic beverages or eat fancy desserts (sugar being a no-no). Such a deal!

4: I'm never a "loser" anymore. I can't play in my volleyball league, so "I never again have to deal with the agony of defeat."

5: I can fool people. I can be in a lot of pain without even looking like I'm in a lot of pain. Ha Ha, joke's on them.

6: When I have a relatively good day, it feels wonderful. "Normal people" have to have a much more wonderful day to think it's wonderful.

7: I've made new friends! I am on a first name basis with doctors, their staff, pharmacists and the insurance company claims clerk.

8: I have something legitimate to complain about. You know those people who "have it all" and complain anyway? I have no respect for them; I have a genuine problem, and even the press (and to a lesser extent, the CDC) acknowledges its authenticity now.

9: When asked by the insurance person at a doctor's office if I've met my insurance deductible for the year, I can always say "yes!" -- even if it's only January 7.

10: I've been studying CFIDS in great depth since I got it (or since it got me). Never before have I been such an expert on anything!

11: I never make the bed anymore because chances are I'll be back in it before long.

12: I am easy to find. Although I sometimes venture as far as my office or a store, I'm generally home, and you can find me on my futon or in my bed.

13: Let's skip 13: I'm not superstitious, but why take chances?

14: People keep asking how I am, how I'm doing, etc. I love the attention!

15: I have actually heard doctors say " I don't know". This has not been known to occur among members of the general population.

16: I have acquired a lounging/sleeping wardrobe. Pretty groovy threads!

17: No batteries, assembly, or special equipment are required. This fibro thing just runs on its own.

18: Dysequilibrium saves money on amusement park admissions. The same sensations are produced at no cost whatsoever.

and 19... Due to short-term memory impairment, I can hide my own Easter eggs!!!


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