Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Air Drumming Scares Customers

A service station attendant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, recently lost his job after refusing to stop "air drumming" on the job. It was frightening the customers, and so Christopher Garcia had to go -- for the good of the gas station.

This is a story we hear almost every day. It's so common. There are so many people out there that are simply addicted to air drumming, so much so that it becomes an obsession.

We've all seen a loved one or two succomb to this truly tempting habit, and it's tough to know what to say after they've just lost their fourth or fifth job because of this addition.

There may not be any 12-step programs out there yet, but we can all take a moment to step in their shoes and understand the blessing and the curse of being able to keep perfect time with that song in your head.

I hope I'm not next.


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