Monday, March 14, 2005

Talking To Your Kids About Touchy Subjects

This great blog entry from offer some grand advice...

Raising kids today is more challenging than ever, but communication is key. Some subjects might make you uncomfortable, but addressing them honestly now will really help you out down the road. These sample dialogues are a road map to addressing life's thornier issues.
The Facts of Life

CHILD: Where do babies come from?
MOM: What babies? I don't see any babies around here, do you?
CHILD: I mean, when people have babies, where do they come from?
MOM: Space.
CHILD: Does that mean I'm from space?
MOM: Yes. You're from Mars.
CHILD: (Crying.) I'm a Martian?
MOM: Yes, and if you don't make your bed every day, Mommy and Daddy will send you back to Mars to live with your real parents.
CHILD: You're not my real mom?
MOM: No. You're a Martian princess that was sent to live with an Earth family for your own protection. Your real mom is 16 feet tall and shoots lasers out of her eyes when she gets mad. Think about that next time I send you to your room. At least I didn't burn all your toys with my laser-eyes.

I'd link to the entry for more, but the rest of it isn't funny and has unneccesary language.

What is "unnecessary language"? It's language that's not necessarily funny, but the author thinks it should be said anyway.


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