Friday, April 29, 2005

Seven Badgers Drafted Into the NFL This Year

If you're also a Wisconsin Badger football fan, do you know who the seven Badgers are that were drafted in this year's event?

They are...

What I Use for My Fibromyalgia Pain

I was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler semi-truck back on May, 25, 2003.

During my recovery, I quickly developed fibromyalgia. Now every minute of every day is painful for me -- with various levels of pain severity. It's been the toughest thing I've ever dealt with in my life. The pain has truly been profound at many times.

I've been using two oils that help me a lot with dealing with my muscle pain.

The first one is called Kelly's World Famous Eucalyptus Oil . It smells great -- other people tell me that too -- and it works for quite a while.

I also use another oil that has a cooling sentation. I like the smells of this one even more -- but it is a little more expensive. It's called O24. It'll clear your sinuses if you take a good whiff of it too! I suggest ordering the trial size bottles. They'll last a while and you'll be able to get an idea of how well it will work for you.

So, if you have muscle pain and you're looking for relief, I highly suggest these two products, with a nod toward the first product, Kelly's World Famous Eucalyptus Oil.

FYI: I receive no money or benefit of any kind for mentioning these products. It's simply an unsoliciated endorsement because I care about my readers.

Daily Cartoons

Here's a tip, bookmark this site for daily funny & clean single-frame cartoons by Randy Glasbergen.

He offers an alternative to Dilbert -- if you're burned-out on that one, or if you love Dilbert -- this cartoon will hopefully hit your funnybone everytime.

Don't miss the links below each daily cartoon where you can find hundreds more comics to laugh at and send to friends.

One Christian Apologizes To the World

Check out this article where a Christian takes on the task of apologizing to the entire world, all at once -- and, does a pretty good job of it.

I concur, and I also state, "I'm sorry too."


Here's a Levi's 501 commercial that will make good use of the next 45 seconds of your life.

FILE UNDER: Funny, Dog, Disaster Area, Creative, and A Commercial About Jeans Without A Single Picture Of Jeans.

I Currently Have a Taste For...

"MerMan" Exists??

Ananova reports on this Caspian Sea sighting of the infamous "MerMan."

Ah, believe it oif you really want to. I prefer Bigfoot.

Amazing Sandstorm Images! documents the truth about these sandstorm images that have been swirling around e-mailboxes lately. They really are images of an approaching sandstorm!

I can't imagine what it would feel like seeing a storm like this one coming at me. How fast would it be moving? What could you do to protect yourself from it? Would a local building be enough to guard you from the storm? The force inside the sotrm must be pretty incredible!

Thursday, April 28, 2005


If you can help me fix my HTML code for this page so my righthand sidebar rises back to the top of the page, then I will promote, in the Highlighted Links section and in a posting, your non-offensive website or blog.

Thank you to whomever can help me with this crisis of technology!!!


What's the deal with my righthand sidebar sliding all the way down to the bottom of this page?

It first happened when I added an image (a hysterical "Get Fuzzy" comic, by the way) to one of my blog entries. Even though I've since removed it, the sidebar information still sits down there at the lowliest portion of the page -- the lower-righthand corner.

Perhaps this is a life-lesson in humbleness.

(Send me an email or comment if you can help me fix this...I've tried to re-publish the blog, switch templates, no dice. Grumble, grumble...) HELP!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Yeah, Liquids Are Overrated...

Hate that hangover the next morning after a night on the town?

Would you rather get your alcohol the same way you receive your asthma inhaler medication?

Want to just try something new and possibly soon-to-be-banned in some or all states?

Yep, I'm talking about "Alcohol Without Liquid" (AWOL). AWOL is a way to practice taking the breathalyzer test while getting your buzz on. I know, it's "crazy talk," but check this out...

WARNING: I, of course, do not endorse the intake of alcohol in any form...but, if you ask me if if I've ever inhaled. The answer is no. Have I ever thrown back a shot? Well.....perhaps.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

SUMO Tubin'!! (i.e., A Giant Weeble Wobble-Thingy)

Check this out, it's an inflatable bodysuit that can be towed behind a boat (or jetski, Tony?), or it can be worn for bodysurfing. You'd definitely get the attention of everyone on the beach and in other boats!

Thanks to Boing Boing for sighting this one!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Flat Stanley

Have you heard about Flat Stanley?

He's hung out with Clint Eastwood at the Academy Awards. He traveled into space on the Space Shuttle. He attended a series of briefings at the White House and had his picture taken with the president. He visited a Willie Nelson recording session. And he's traveled to all seven continents. Who is this amazing character? Find out for yourself.

Friday, April 22, 2005

VOICEMAIL: "Foreigners Don't Have Computers!"

Here's a really funny voicemail audio file. It's a emssage left by a cranky lady that is upset with a theater that doesn't offer the times of their movies over the phone -- only through their website.

The best part is when the woman shows off her higher intelligence when she explains that they are discriminating because senior citizens and foreigners don't have computers.

Classic stuff!

Thanks: BoingBoing

TRENDS: Aireoke

Here's a trend that's becoming popular in certain circles of urban society...but really, it's just a new stage for an old act.

Aireoke. It's air-guitar + karaoke, and it's being done in some clubs in big cities.

This is just one of those times when, a month or so from now, some one will mention "Aireoke," and you'll be able to say, "Yeah, I already heard about that."

That's another reason why I roam this earth...for you.

Welcome New Visitors!

If this is your first time to my blog, WELCOME!!

Hello, also, to my loyal return visitors. I appreciate you all.

I created this site because I needed to laugh more. Since I was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler semi truck, almost two years ago, I've learned about the importance of laughing -- especially on the most painful days of our lives.

I used to send around funny links to stories and pictures via email to many of my friends and co-workers...but, this is just a much easier way of getting the same fun content to those people and others (i.e., the entire world).

I'll often link to my favorite cartoon, "Get Fuzzy." It's about a guy named Rob with a dog named Satchel (a chow), and a cat named Bucky. The cartoonist's humor is just enough off-center that it's perfect for me. I love it, and I hope you enjoy it too.

Thank you again for coming here, and please consider bookmarking my site. I really appreciate it!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

RSS Feed Available

If you prefer to read your fav blogs through an RSS reader such as Bloglines (as I do), then please add this feed to my blog into your list of sites to check every day!

Thank you for using my feed!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Most Interesting/Unique Items on eBay

Here are a few interesting eBay items to keep an eye on.

Check them out right now before their auctions are up!

Pope John Paul II Chicken Breast
Babe Ruth Cookie
The Haunted Doll

You can always check out this link for the most bizzare stuff on eBay too.
Check it out, my brother, Tony, has a blog.

How many days do you think it will take until he links back and tells his readers about my blog?

Any guesses? Leave a comment if you have a guess...

Mean-Looking Man Blog

This page is funny. The guy looks like he wants to beat you up…and his site’s tagline sort of confirms that.

But then after reading the first part of this blog entry, the second part is very surprising. He’s apparently a little bunny rabbit with a functioning mind inside of that scary facade.

Good for you, Mean Looking Man. Good for you!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

VIDEO: Uber-Redneck

Can you find anything online that's more REDNECK than this video?

Thanks to TastyLog for yet another great video find.

That's "Underpass," Not "Underpants"

DATELINE: CHICAGO, 4/19/05 ---- "Underpass Mary" has moved in down the street from me. I knew her as this blob of underpass ooze I used to ride past on my bike. Cops are now protecting the site from the mob 24/7. I suppose they'll all give up after the next rain when "Underpass Mary" becomes "Underpass Jabba the Hut."

Can you say, Syncretism???

A world view. The combination of different forms of belief and/or practice. See also eclecticism, and cafeteria religion.

The combining or merging and synthesizing of religions or religious beliefs, practices, and philosophies. This results in new or hybrid religions that are composed of diverse elements of the religions from which they were derived.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Paging Stephen King...

Christine Djordjevic calls her car "possessed" because it starts and moves by itself. Police found that explanation fishy after Djordjevic's driverless car crashed into her neighbor's house -- until they saw it for themselves. They discovered she had bought the car with a remote starter installed, but she didn't know how to use it. Apparently, if the car was parked in gear and she pushed the wrong button on her key fob, the car would lurch down the road. Even after it had happened several times, once even taking off with her son inside, Djordjevic did nothing about it. "I don't even know how the stupid thing works," she says. "It usually does it by accident." (Northwest Indiana Times) ..."Usually"?

Thanks to

An Image Problem?

Trying to counter its reputation as "America's Fattest City", Houston, Texas, put on the "Tour de Houston" bicycle event. The response was staggering: at least 2,300 people showed up, raising $50,000 to upgrade the city's parks and recreational facilities. Organizers didn't time the cyclists, noting it was "recreational, not a race." Another reason for the great turnout: participants were given free beer and tacos. (according to the Houston Chronicle) ...And they didn't even think that was strange, which gives you some insight as to how they became America's Fattest City.

Thanks to

Thursday, April 14, 2005

BLOG: Online Dating Morons

This interesting and humorous blog re-tells actual online interactions with guys who are typically jerks/selfish pigs/etc. It's written by a woman.

It's a creative angle for a blog, so I suggest checking it out now and then to read the new encounters. It's called

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Friday, April 15 is Poop for Peace Day (really)

April 15 is Poop For Peace Day

Poop is the one experience all human beings have in common. We may have varying ideas of God and politics, but the power of an impending poop is a higher calling to which every human must answer. Side by side in a public bathroom, any two human beings are stripped of their differences and reduced to their most basic essence: a pair of feet sticking out below the stall, and a pair of butt trumpets performing a greasy symphony to lament humanity's non-negotiable deference to the call of the vile.

Under the influence of Taco Bell, there is no Christian or Muslim or Jew. There are only human bodies, reacting to the complications of digestion in the same predictable and malodorous ways. Poop wields supreme power over our bodies -- when poop calls, you answer, or you face the consequences. Poop is our cruel tyrant, our fickle deity, our omnipotent oppressor -- it is a force to which every human being has no choice but to submit.

And recognizing this is the first step toward world peace...

(read more)

VIDEO: Vintage Mr. T. Telling Us About "Muthas"

This video, back from the 1980's, is essentially a music video (yes, Mr. T -- sorta -- sings) that extols the virtue of respecting your Mutha...err, that's "Mother."


Hat tip over to TastyLog for digging this one out of the vaults.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Remember These Fads?

Check out this great site of crazy fads (by decade). It looks really comprehensive and fun to browse.

The 1980's were the most interesting ones for me to re-live again as I was born back in 1972.

Some highlights for me were:

Video Arcades
Miami Vice Fashion
Where's the Beef
The Smurfs

VIDEO: Worst Halftime Show Ever

This video shows how bad halftime can really get.

(The very end of it is the worst part of it all)

Truly horrible. Horrible.

Legalizing Cat Hunting In Wisconsin

Throw back a brewski, take a bite a cheese...and, get out on your front porch and start hunting for stray cats?

Will The Real Google Please Stand Up?

Granted, Google made this video to make themselves look like the ultimate place to work and live in, but the presentation is fun and interesting. So, I recommend a view.

It takes about 7 or 8 minutes to watch (I wasn't timing it).

It's equal to a college football program showing a prize recruit the best parts of life at their institution (without any negatives). You see the best of what they have to offer, what life can be like (theoretically), and then you have to use your own wisdom and life experience to understand that no working environment is perfect.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Fants, Fonts, Funts

Here's a site with 300 of the best True Type fonts free for the downloading!

I grabbed a bunch of great fonts here, and am happy to spread the word about this resource because it gave me so many great new fonts. Woo-hoo! I'm loaded!!

What's On Prez Bush's iPod?

Here's an interesting article (hat tip to The Drudge Report for spotting this one) that goes through the music on the President's iPod.

He listens to his tunes most often while exercising. And, his personal aide does the music downloading for him off of

Bush only has about 250 songs on his player right now. So, that leaves room for approximately 9,750 more files (he received the $300 version from his daughters last July for his birthday).

It's a good read.

Friday, April 08, 2005

HUMOR: And They're Off...!

The Associated Press is reporting...

ENNA TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- The message was too good to be true.

An electronic highway sign on Interstate 75 in Michigan told drivers: "Speed limit 100 mph go go go."

For months, the signboard in Genesee County had been alerting commuters to construction that starts this month.

Someone hacked the sign, which is controlled by a computer through a subcontractor.
State highway officials say they're investigating who changed it and how.

The speed limit in the area is 70.

Bill Shreck, a spokesman for the Michigan Department of Transportation, said officials "weren't amused" by the traffic message.

(Hacking websites is so passe' these days.)

"A Cookie Is a Sometimes Food" Sez Cookie Monster?

It's true that we need to get a handle on the general health of our country. The United States continues to expand -- but not in an imperialist sense, we're talking about making the force of gravity work overtime in our beautiful 50 states (and D.C., of course).

But, making the Cookie Monster change his tastes to now think about cookies as "A Sometimes Food" invades the very soul of Americana. "Cookie" is an icon. The blue fuzzball, and his funny sounding, "Mmmah, mmmah, mmmah" sound always cracked me up as a kid (probably still would today). Cookie crumbs flying everywhere and the coooookie quickly disappearing was a regular portion of the Sesame Street viewing experience.

Now it seems, according to this CNN article, that "C" may soon stand for celery.

As far as I'm concerned, "C" is for cookie, and it's good enough for me!!!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

No Thank You!!

Personally, I wouldn't come within ten feet of Shakeutron!

Urinals are meant to be fairly manual. Technology should leave this part of our lives alone.


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"You look like a snack."

Here's the sports picture of the week.

Shaquille seems to be getting a kick out of how small Earl Boykins is (5' 5" -- on a good day) is in this picture. But you know he was thinking, "You look like a little snack to me...and I'm hungry, little man."

Friday, April 01, 2005

Cheese Weasel Day

Sadly, Cheese Weasel Day occurs on a weekend this year, so you can't bring the cheer of the Cheese Weasel to your co-workers unless you do it one day late.

VIDEO: Human Head Drums?

I'm not sure why, but there are a lot of funny videos online with drumming themes -- and I've covered a number of them here in my blog.

My brother, Tony, is a drummer, so perhaps I find a little more humor in them because I know a drummer. On second thought, perhaps not.

Either way, here's the latest humorous drum-themed video.

Here's the info on the project:

Here's the video itself:

Rock On Wayne!!