Friday, April 08, 2005

"A Cookie Is a Sometimes Food" Sez Cookie Monster?

It's true that we need to get a handle on the general health of our country. The United States continues to expand -- but not in an imperialist sense, we're talking about making the force of gravity work overtime in our beautiful 50 states (and D.C., of course).

But, making the Cookie Monster change his tastes to now think about cookies as "A Sometimes Food" invades the very soul of Americana. "Cookie" is an icon. The blue fuzzball, and his funny sounding, "Mmmah, mmmah, mmmah" sound always cracked me up as a kid (probably still would today). Cookie crumbs flying everywhere and the coooookie quickly disappearing was a regular portion of the Sesame Street viewing experience.

Now it seems, according to this CNN article, that "C" may soon stand for celery.

As far as I'm concerned, "C" is for cookie, and it's good enough for me!!!


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