Tuesday, April 19, 2005

That's "Underpass," Not "Underpants"

DATELINE: CHICAGO, 4/19/05 ---- "Underpass Mary" has moved in down the street from me. I knew her as this blob of underpass ooze I used to ride past on my bike. Cops are now protecting the site from the mob 24/7. I suppose they'll all give up after the next rain when "Underpass Mary" becomes "Underpass Jabba the Hut."

Can you say, Syncretism???

A world view. The combination of different forms of belief and/or practice. See also eclecticism, and cafeteria religion.

The combining or merging and synthesizing of religions or religious beliefs, practices, and philosophies. This results in new or hybrid religions that are composed of diverse elements of the religions from which they were derived.


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