Thursday, May 26, 2005

COMMENTARY: Speaking Out Against a Wrong...

This short article is something that Christians and non-Christians can generally agree with. Sure, there are people who'll disagree with views expressed in this writing. But, I agree with what is said here.

Yes, I'm a Christian. But what this church pastor (described in this article) did was very wrong -- and he has since apologized. I can only hope and trust that it was sincere. But, anytime something is confessed and forgiven by some, there are often still consequences for those actions. In this case, the consequences could very well be related to the safety of Christians living overseas.

Sure, it would be very easy -- and I see this occur all of the time -- where a non-Christian says that Christianty is bad/a joke/wrong/etc. because people who call themselves Christians (and many of them truly are) do messed-up things like this. But that would be a lopt like sitting me down at a piano, asking me to play a tune by Bach, and then calling Bach a terrible composer because I butchered it. No one of even a room temperature IQ would state something like that.

Any attacks on Christianity should first be investigated by the one choosing to attack. If you want to attack Christianity, then know what you're attacking -- find out what the Bible says about this or that (it's really in there). Know that many of the things that are done in the name of Jesus are not things that Jesus would've done. So, to call Jesus a sham would be as intelligent as calling a Bach a "hack."

The same standards must go for Christians deciding to comment about the world about us. We need to do the "homework" to know what we're talking about. And what was done in this church sign case was wrong. It was not wrong because it endangered the lives of Christians worldwide -- that is one of the potential consequences -- but instead, it was wrong because that action does not line up with how followers and worshippers of Jehovah should act. There was no love in that act, there was no mercy, no grace. And every true Christians knows that they themselves were given much love, mercy, and grace at Calvary -- and still today. Those gifts aren't for us to keep, they're for us to give away to everyone around us.

My blog doesn't have many posts such as this one, and I'm not a preacher. I'm a man who has strong beliefs and who highly respects others who do as well -- no matter what their faith. But, I believe posts like this could interest people of all spiritual beliefs who read this blog.

What was done with this church sign was very wrong, but let's not go out and do our own wrongs today. Let's seek to get it right so no one will have to write an article of response like this one about our actions some day.

Grace and Peace,


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