Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Freaky Kids Show

There's a Christian Science church down the road from me. I never stopped there, and I've wondered what kinds of things they believe in comparison to my own beliefs.

This kids video they put out gives a bit of an insight into what they believe. They believe in secret books from God, in addition to the Bible (FYI, the Bible says not to add or subtract from it, so there's a problem there if this group desires to follow the entire Bible. But, they seem to choose to believe only what fits their desires. If they want to call the Bible the "Holy Word from God," as they do, then they need to take its words seriously...in my humble opinion.)

The opening alien song states, "There is life on many planets, just like people have many talents." Hmmm ... enlightening? The whole song sounds like a speech that pauses once in a while to indicate a new song verse. It just goes on and on, without rhyme or effort given to make it feel like a sound. Basically, it comes off as propaganda put to a really BAD alien voiceover ... once again, in my humble opinion. (Please feel free to slam my videos if I ever (ever?) put out my own line of alien videos.)

But, that in itself isn't worth blogging about. It's the freaky nature of the video and the singing alien.

Kind of makes me think of this group (Hale-Bopp followers).

Oh...the cross-eyed "Otto" is my favorite character in this video. He shows-up around 2/3 through the program. This is high-quality programming!!

Here's more info on the program and the "genius" work behind it.

Courtesy of Boing Boing


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