Thursday, May 19, 2005

Name Generators and Such

Here are some various fun name generators to have some fun with.

To my understanding, all of these generators are family-friendly...

Star Wars Name Generator
Now, you can also call me, "Miche Malib." I am the, "Namvan of Hcir." Somehow, even after learning this, I don't feel any different.

Mexican Name Generator
Just call me, "Don Jose."

Japanese Name Generator
My name would be, "Masakazu Gojo."

Irish Name Generator
My name would be, "Quinn Quinn."


What Does Your SAT Score Mean?
Learn which schools fit well with your score, and which public figures/celebrities you scored better than.

How Normal Are You?
This quiz said I am 35% normal, or, "Occasionally Normal." My friend might disagree. They'd put me closer to 0% normal.


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