Friday, May 27, 2005

Not All Evangelicals Voted for Bush. That's News?

Ah, the media...bless their little hearts. I'm sure their collective heart is in the right place (once every couple of years).

The controversy at Calvin College looked nothing like it played in the media.

Somehow, I missed the story. You see, I drove to Calvin College for President Bush's commencement address on May 21 looking to report a fight—not a physical altercation, mind you, but something more suited to reserved Dutch Reformed intellectuals, like the righteous indignation of a cold stare. All I really got for the trouble was a lousy display of political diversity, academic celebration, and Christian charity.

I heard that Karl Rove had finally been hoodwinked. Author of the great plan to win evangelicals for President Bush, Rove couldn't even tell his Calvin from his Wheaton. Oh, the Calvin profs would teach him....



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