Thursday, May 19, 2005

Pop Culture Math

One of, or possibly, my favorite television programs is the CBS Friday eveing show, NUMB3RS. It's tied at the top of my list with Alias.

NUMB3RS is the latest pop culture item to continue the ongoing effort to bring math out of the bad memories section of our educational past, and into an entertaining and applicable part of our lives.

Past efforts include Matt Damon's, Good Will Hunting, some episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, episodes of the Simpsons, and others.

True mathematitions look at the main mathematition on NUMB3RS, played by actor David Krumholtz and they say he protrays them very well, and in many ways.

It's an addicting show directed and produced with creative and effective cinematography. And, I'm sure it'll soon be moved out of the Friday night spot in which it currently resides, and into a more popular slot. It's currently the top Friday night show -- even beating out Law & Order: Trial By Jury.

Will you be the next viewer to begin enjoying this quality program?

I hope so!

Here's a great discussion about the growing popularity of math in popular culture from NPR's "Science Friday" show. It explains how math gets into the program, and what the mathematitions who consult for the show do to inject math into crime-solving. It's a great listen!

(The link for the audio if off to the right side of the page, at the top.)


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