Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Check This Site Before You Purchase Your Next Flight

Check out SeatGuru.com in order to get the best seat for you.

It doesn't matter which airline you're flying on, they have information on nearly every airline out there.

Do you want to know:

-- Do you want a seat with extra legroom?

-- A seat with a non-restricted recline?

-- A seat that is extra quiet?

-- Would you like to compare the First Class, Business Class and Coach Class seat pitch and seat width of different airline carriers?

-- Are you traveling for business and need to know which airplanes have laptop power at your seat and what type of adapter you'll need?

-- Have a long flight and want to know what type of in-flight entertainment is featured on your flight and what movies are playing this month?

What are you waiting for? Visit SeatGuru.com and see what the best seat is for you!

Yet another great resource for you, found by me. That's what is blog is about. Giving you everything you'll ever need in order to survive, the best you can, in this crazy, crazy world.


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