Monday, July 18, 2005

Serious Post: True Persecution

Most of my posts here on this blog are either funny, about fun events or people, crazy inventions, innovations, or crazy news items. But, once in a while I just get fed-up with something and I have to post about it in order to get it out of my system.

This rant is about many Americans, and our misplaced passions.

The media gets all upset about our government holding prisoners who might be dangerous to our country and our people. That gets many people upset. They get upset because the prisoners are made to wear bras. They are upset because the prisoners are barked at by dogs. They are upset because they are sometimes forced to be naked.

All the while, true persecution, torture, and unjust killing goes on in countries such as Eritrea. It's an eastern African country, by the way.

Religious persecution is going on around the world with people being shoved into barrels for days or weeks at a time. Can you imagine that? And they are the "lucky ones" because they might end-up living.

The World Watch List, from puts the worst offenders in this order...

For the third year in a row, the complete lack of religious freedom in North Korea has positioned it first on the World Watch List. The strict Islamic kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to hold the second position. Vietnam has risen one place to position three, followed by Laos in fourth place. Due to the continued pressure on believers in Iran, the country is in fifth place again this year. The Maldives remain sixth, followed by a new country in seventh place: Somalia. Christian converts from Islam are paying a high price for their new faith, especially in rural parts of this most lawless country in the world. There was no change in the status of religious freedom for Christians in Bhutan, which continues to hold position eight. In China, holding ninth place, the government increased control of religious activities during 2004. The top ten is concluded by a new number ten: Afghanistan, where the status of religious freedom deteriorated mostly because of the influence of Islamic extremists.

The rest of the top 25 includes:

11. Yemen
12. Turkmenistan
13. Pakistan
14. Comoros
15. Uzbekistan
16. Eritrea
17. Myanmar (Burma)
18. Egypt
19. Sudan
20. Libya
21. Iraq
22. Azerbaijan
23. Morocco
24. Brunei
25. Nigeria (North)

Christians are currently being tortured as you read this. All of the things you read about Saddam doing to people in his torture chambers and more are being done to people who live peaceably, choose to follow their faith, even if it means death, and are separated from their families and loved ones for long amounts of time -- perhaps the worst treatment of all for them.

All I'm saying today is remember the true crimes being commited the next time you get up in arms about a prisoner of the U.S. military wearing a bra. Remember that so many others are being imprisoned, tortured, and killed today -- simply because they believe in a different God than the god of their country leaders.

More than 200 million Christians around the world live in places where persecution could come into their lives at any moment of any day.

Whether you could care less for Christianity, you must at least care about fellow human beings being mistreated and wronged like this.

Thank you for letting me get this out of my system. I'll get back to the funny stuff real soon.


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