Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Are Adult Stem Cells Really Useful?

You bet! They're been the ones showing the most promise and progress in the research labs -- not the embryonic stem cells.

There's a lot of mixed "facts" out there where progress is being attributed to embryonic stem cells because reporting isn't stating what kind of stem cells they're talking about. It's the adult cells that are producing results, but the scientific and mass media communities are simply not saying which cells they're talking about when they release progress reports. Yeah, sleazy. I know.

Many people in the scientific world want federal funding of embryonic stem cells. But, if they're having trouble getting private funding, what makes them think they are in a position to receive/earn fed funds?

Check out this article that helps straighten out some of the facts. Here's another link that shows a different kind of poor handling of cell progress reporting through the media. The Wash Post tries to report the progress as possible problem in the stem cell debate. Nice twist guys, but we see right through it.

Stay informed about what you hear on the news. They're always spinning it. Know that. You cannot assume you're being spoonfed the straight facts on any story. Do your homework.
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