Thursday, August 25, 2005

Left Behind: World At War Movie

The Left Behind Book Series went to the top of the NY Times fiction chart. The best-selling adult fiction series of all-time.

Not bad.

Now the third movie related to the book series will be coming out later this year. The authors of the book series don't endorse the movies, but many of the readers really liked the first two flicks.

Personally, the first one was almost unwatchable, but the second one was an improvement. I'm guessing that the next one will be the best one yet.

No matter what your opinions are of the first two movies (if you even saw them), you can check out the trailer for the next film here.

The movie will actually open in churches (NOT in theaters) on October 21. The DVD will be released the very next week. A very interesting strategy. Truly unorthodox.

More info here in this USA Today column.


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