Monday, August 22, 2005

Solider Treats Attacker's Wounds

This isn't an Internet Urban Legend. It was reported in USA Today. It's a great story of putting words into action.

Solider Treats Attacker's Wounds
Many of us can think about loving our enemy in esoteric terms. Unknown enemies on the other side of the world are easier to love than those we meet face-to-face. During the war in Iraq in 2005, one American soldier found out how proximity changes things.

Stephen Tschiderer, an army medic, met his enemy's bullet before he met his enemy. While patrolling the dangerous streets of Baghdad, Tschiderer was shot in the chest by an enemy sniper. Although he was knocked to the ground by the impact, Tschiderer was saved by his bulletproof vest.

In company with the combat team that tracked down the sniper, the soldier discovered his assailant had been wounded. At this point, loving one's enemy was no longer a theoretical concept. The enemy was directly in front Tschiderer, wounded and in need of prompt medical attention. Only moments earlier, the sniper had put Stephen Tschiderer's heart between the crosshairs on the scope of his rifle and pulled the trigger, fully intending to end Tschiderer's life. Tschiderer could have roughed him up. He could have simply walked away and justified his actions. Instead, Tschiderer treated and dressed the wounds of the man who had tried to take his life.

Citation: "Soldier Survives Attack; Captures, Medically Treats Sniper," USA Today Online (7-15-05)

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