Monday, September 19, 2005

CONSIDER: Do You Believe the MTV Myths?

MTV is trying hard to train a whole generation to follow their rules for living ... have you let them into your head?

The MTV Myths include:

Myth #1 -- You Are What You Have

Myth #2 -- You're Interesting if You're Famous

Myth #3 -- Sex Is Only for Enjoyment

Myth #4 -- Have Fun—Whatever the Cost

There are very little or no consequences to actions in The MTV World. Not so in the true real world -- and not so much on the television show, "The Real World."

Reality Check // By thinking about the messages MTV is sending us, we can better understand what is true in the real world and what is true only in MTV land. Here are some questions to keep in mind if watching MTV:

  • What is this show saying about the way the world works? Is it true?
  • How is this show different than my daily life?
  • Am I uncomfortable with the choices these people are making? Should I be?
  • If my friends and I were in this show, how would it be different? How would people see my faith?
  • What consequences of people's actions are shown? Is this realistic?

By thinking through these questions, you can best decide whether you should visit MTV's alternate reality … or just keep channel surfing.


BLOGGER'S NOTE: I'm not telling you what or how to believe. I just don't want these important life decisions to be made for you. Know what the myths are in your own life. That is how you'll be able to mature and grow in the way that'll make you proud of your life years from now.


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