Friday, September 23, 2005

A Great Quote...

"If a Sunday School superintendent cheats on his wife, the hypocrisy is very real. God condemns it, and offers forgiveness. The world condemns it and offers no forgiveness at all because the guy is obviously a beady-eyed fundamentalist. But if a nihilistic English professor cheats on his wife, the number of broken promises is exactly the same. Does anyone turn from the life of relativistic grime at his university with disgust? "I could never write authentic fiction. There are too many hypocrites in that department." Not a chance. One guy breaks a promise and it is a sign of his inauthenticity, or to use Sartre's phrase, it is his bad faith. The other guy breaks his promise and it is a sign that he is trying to struggle free of the inauthentic constraints that bind him -- a sign of his true and deep authenticity. A Christian needs to respond to this incoherence with "a plague on both their houses." There is an alternative to all this. It is called keeping your promises, or truly repenting if you have not. What a concept. And in all the stories we tell, we need to learn how to honor those who keep their promises, and to receive with kindness those who repent of not having done so."
-Douglas Wilson

As seen at: The Boar's Head Tavern


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