Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ten Restaurant Trends We (Americans) Hate

Check them out here.

Here are the first three:
1. Celebrity chefs who never cook: Put down the glass of champers, trade your pin-striped Hugo Boss for a white chef jacket, and get back behind the stove!

2. Restaurants with more publicists than cooks: Telltale signs that an eatery will be short-lived: More attention and money are dedicated to the decor than the menu; the phone number or address is a "secret." We've reached our tolerance for overhyped "hot spots."

3. Fancified raw cuisine: Despite several prominent chefs' exhortations, this pretentious, tasteless, unhealthy trend, both time-consuming to make and expensive to buy (think $12 "tomato tartare" — a.k.a. salsa), has far outlived its 15 minutes.


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