Monday, September 26, 2005

Vending Machines of Japan // Crazy Contents!

PhotoMann recently decided to 'collect' images of unique vending machines found in Japan. They are everywhere. Estimates suggest there are 5.6 million vending machines which works out to be one for every 20 people in Japan. Sales from vending machines in 2000 totaled $56 billion!

The most common are drink and cigarette machines followed by machines with pornography. And, there are some things being vended that you'd never image could be vended. It's a really interesting part of the current Japanese society. Below is a sampling of some of the machines to be found...

Eggs, Rice, Rice Cleaning, Fishing Supplies, Toilet Paper, Flowers, Pachinko, Flight Insurance, Fried Foods, Liquor & Beer, and a lot more.


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