Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Why President Bush Is Not To Blame. Yes, You've Been Had By the Media...

This article is for those who have had the sense to look at what we know about the recovery efforts of Katrina for what they are, knowing full well that most of the facts are not available yet.

This article is also for those who have chosen to look for another way to accuse our President of wrongdoing, most likely knowing full well that their arguments are not grounded in truth and facts, but in heresay.

I'm willing to say that in order to get everyone of my readers to read this article. This is was written a week ago for you. Ben Stein is the author, but if you think his fame comes from hosting a trivial game show, then you need to catch-up on your history. Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer who was a Presidential speech-writer.

This article lays out what facts we do know about President Bush role, or non-role, in this terrible natural disaster. If you're currently a basher of the President on this issue, then take a moment and enjoy it. Take a deep breath. That's it. Because you will probably feel a little silly for believing what you've heard from people and assigning blame to Bush.

Yes, you've been unwittingly been at the tail end of the Democratic telephone game. By the time the message got to you, it no longer held any facts or truth.

Wait, the game didn't began with facts and truth.

No, this article is not a hoax.


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