Tuesday, October 18, 2005

BRILLIANT: Man Takes Advantage Of Special Promotion...

From ThisIsTrue.com ...

Marc Tacchi of Vancouver, B.C., Canada, saw a special being offered by Air Canada: a North America Unlimited Pass for C$3,500 per month (US$3,000) that not only allows unlimited flights, but also gives him frequent flier miles. "I was in Miami on Monday, I think," Tacchi said, but mostly he's flying back and forth between Vancouver and Victoria, since he gets a minimum of 500 miles credited per flight, and that flight only takes 15 minutes each way.

Plus, as a "super elite" frequent flier, he not only gets free upgrades to business class so he can get plenty of sleep on his longer, overnight flights, but he also earns 2.75 times his actual flight miles, so he racks up about 19,000 mile credits per day.

He plans on hitting a million miles in less than two months so he has enough credits to fly free for several years.

But what about work? No problem: he sleeps enough onboard that he can put in his usual time at his job. He's a Boeing 767 cargo pilot. (Canadian Press)


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