Tuesday, October 18, 2005

FUNNY: Bad At Martial Arts, But Great At Teaching It...

From ThisIsTrue.com ...

Ten-year-old twin girls in Vienna, Va., were awakened after midnight by an intruder. It was a masked man who broke into their family home and went straight to their bedroom, police say. He grabbed one of the girls and tried to gag her, which woke up her sister.

The two girls, who have been taking martial arts lessons for self defense,"responded the way they were instructed to," said a police spokesman: they beat on him. The ruckus awoke their parents, and their father quickly arrived and beat the man with a table lamp, but he escaped.

Their mother recognized the man's voice: it was the girls' Tae Kwan Do instructor, she said. Police went to the home of instructor Andrew M. Jacobs, 42, and arrested him after he admitted he was the burglar. Police noted he had bruises on his face. (Vienna Connection, Washington Post) ... The good news is, he's not all that good at Tae Kwan Do. The better news is, he teaches it really well.


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