Thursday, October 20, 2005

INTERESTING: Psychology of Candy Jars

Secretaries ate an average of 7.7 kisses each day when the candies were in clear containers on their desks; 4.6 when in opaque jars on the desk; 5.6 when in clear jars 6 feet away; and 3.1 when in opaque jars 6 feet away.

In interviews afterward, secretaries overestimated how many chocolates they ate when they had to walk a few feet to get some, and underestimated how many they consumed when the treats were in easy reach. "

The less effortful it is to eat, the easier it was to forget how much they ate," the study found.

Read more about the psychology of candy jars, and how you can help yourself snack less, and make it easier to lose a few pounds.

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