Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Jesus Poker Chips?

That's not right.

I'm just wondering what went through the "intentor's" mind when this thought came to him or her.

Here's what their website says in the description of this silly product:

"A new spin on the traditional pocket coin - Faith Chips are not just designed to carry around as a personal reminder - but rather as an ultra cool mini tract to hand out. Because poker is so popular right now, the design of the chip creates a curiosity about the message. It's really no different than using something ordinary, like a T-shirt, to share the Gospel. The authentic look and feel of the chips will make it likely that people will hang onto them and ponder the meaning of the messages! "

There is nothing about this chip that "shares the Gospel" with people who possess these chips. Nothing. All it does is cheapen the power of the name of Christ down to what will most likely become a good luck charm for superstitious gamblers. The chips don't have a microchip that plays an audio message saying that "Christ's sacrifice on the cross is sufficient to cover yours sins if you choose to believe that it is through Christ your are saved, and not by good works." No, it doesn't say that.

I feel sick.


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