Friday, October 21, 2005

Top 7 Tricks For Getting an Interview

This is an interesting list, but the last on is pretty tricky -- but perhaps it can work for you.

Check this out:

The post-it note trick. In larger companies (and sometimes in medium/smaller companies) a secretary or an office assistant will open the resumes for the employees. This person is responsible for screening for junk mail and to weed out non-qualified candidates. Therefore, here is the trick. Take a regular Post-it note, and write something like “This one looks good! - J”, and attach it to your resume. Who is “J”? Who cares! The point is that the hiring manager will get a resume with a Post-it note on it, stating that it’s good. Therefore, they are more likely to pay close attention to the resume at the direction of another employee. By the time the person realizes its not a note from their mail screener, you’ve already gotten your resume reviewed - is it deceptive? - no, its effective and innovative advertising.

See the complete article of the Top 7 Tricks For Getting an Interview.


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