Friday, November 18, 2005


Yap, yap, yap ... that's what many politicians on Capitol Hill have been doing (more than usual that is). Now, the Republicans have chosen to give the Democrats (it's mostly them) what it sounded like they want -- but they don't want this. :)

Tonight at 7:00 pm ET, a vote will take place that will put Democrats between a rock and a hard place. They'll either have to back their words with their vote, or face ridicule for not putting their money where their yapping mouth is -- a truly brilliant move by the RNC that should quiet things down a little bit.

This after the GOP FINALLY responded to the yapping by Democrats who said one thing in the past, and are now banking on the hope that people forgot what they said. If you forgot, here's a video compiling the main offenders. I really hope this ad gets on TV really soon, and gets a lot of airplay.

Using an opponent's words against them always one of the most effective ways to point out deception. This 60 second video is a great example of that strategy. There simply is no way to render a presentation of the facts, the very words, ineffective.


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