Monday, November 21, 2005

Pee & Poo Toys??

Straight out of a toilet and into your bed...

The new Pee & Poo toys are cute, cuddly and a little controversial. Designer Emma Megitt launched her unique friends at the Future Designer Days Expo this year. The first batch of Pee & Poo toys hit Sweden and where sold out quicker than you can say Abba.

The controversy surrounding a line of toys representing human waste has created great publicity for Megitt and has launched her name into the designer world spotlight. Originally sold separately Pee & Poo now come in a duo pack. So you get both bodily functions covered in the one box.

These toys are perhaps the most subtle, lovable and harmless way you can physically represent urine and excrement in the form of a plush toy. For a quick language course on the words Pee and Poo in several foreign tongues go to the website.


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