Monday, November 07, 2005

Seven Things Jennifer Aniston Would Talk About Than the Men In Or Out Of Her Life

I normally wouldn't post links to subjects like this (i.e., usual/popular Hollywood stories and stars), but this list is a good idea for an actor to put out there. Sure, interviewers will still ask the usual questions of her that she dislikes, BUT, a smart reporter will have a few subjects to ask of her if they want to get on her "good interviewer" list. That could come in handy if the actor ever pulls a time of NO INTERVIEWS. Because the smart reporters who taked with her about those perferred topics in the past will have the best shot at scoring a prized interview when no one else can get in.

(I've done hundreds of interviews myself with musicians, and I've seen this play out. In fact, I've done this myself -- and it's paid off).

Here's Jennifer Aniston's list:

1. Her new movie, "Derailed."

2. Her dog, Norman

3. How little she actually cries.

4. The long-term effects of Botox

5. The state of television

Read the rest of the Aniston and her list, along with explanations for each of her seven "perferences."


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