Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Che Jesus?

Check out this marketing campaign put out by a UK church. The image below reads, "Dec. 25. Revolution Begins, Celebrate The Birth Of A Hero."

The attept will certainly grab some attention because of the popularity of Che Guevara revolution t-shirts. (Note: Most of the people who wear these shirts don't know about the terrible things Che did to his enemies -- they only know what The Motorcycle Diaries movie tells about him -- which is very favorable).

Back to the main thought, check out this commentary about whether this particular marketing campaign is appropriate or not. The poll that was run on this site was unfavorable toward the marketing, but the voters were a cross section of American and Brits. The results would be more telling if the voting was only done by ourt friends from the other side of the the big pond as their culture and their lack of a strong church produces a need for stronger campaigns than we do here in the States. It is, for sure, creative. And, I think this will give some Brits a new idea of what church can be like.

What do you think?


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