Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Magazine Names Best, Worst Celebrity Dog Owners

Joss Stone Is Best; Paris Hilton Is Worst

Joss Stone's love of dogs is being appreciated.

The New York Dog and The Hollywood Dog magazines have named Stone the best celebrity dog owner. Stone has a poodle named Dusty Springfield and she volunteered for an animal shelter after seeing images of stranded pets after hurricanes Katrina and Wilma.

She also recorded a public service announcement seeking support for homeless pets due to the hurricanes.

Leslie Padgett, editor of the magazines, said Stone is a huge advocate for shelter dogs and it's not just talk.

The magazines have named Paris Hilton as the worst celebrity dog owner. Padgett said Hilton lost her dog, Tinkerbell, then replaced the dog with a cuter one, then that dog with a ferret and then a monkey.

I'm having trouble finding the full list of the best & worst celebrity pet-lovers, but read more here.


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