Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Military Chaplains Told To "Shy Away" from Using Jesus' Name (???)

Military chaplains being told to not mention Jesus while talking with military men and women???

Really, read it here.

This genius thinking goes along the lines of banning ice cream from ice cream trucks.

Chaplains talk about Jesus, Donald Trump talks about money, and People magazine talks about celebrities. That's how it works.

I suppose if two or three of us complain that we're offended by ice cream, then ice cream trucks would have to sell t-shirts or something. But, of course, THAT would be silly.

We're such a soft society. We're known as a country offended by everything.

If Christmas celebrations are changed to humanistic celebrations about the cold weather and lots of gifts (complete with traditional song lyrics changed during public events) because some people don't celebrate it, then the 4th of July should be changed.

If the Christmas explanation is applied to all celebrations, then what can we celebrate? Absolutely nothing.

Even atheists, I sincerely believe, would have to agree with that.

If you want to see that military chaplains of every faith are allowed to pray with enlisted soldiers in the name of their God, please call the White House Comment Line and urge the President to sign the Executive Order to allow Navy Chaplains to pray in the name of Jesus with soldiers.

I just did it, and I was only on the phone for three minutes total. It was easy.

The number is:

(202) 456-1414

Even if you are not a Christian, and are a believer of another faith, this concerns chaplains of your faith as well. Because this political correctness policy will continue to spread unless it is cut down now.

Please do your part.


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