Friday, December 02, 2005

Okay, Okay, I'm Playing Catch-up Today...Many, Many GREAT, IMPORTANT & FUN Links!

This might be a little overwhelming, but I hope you enjoy all of these great links!

Custom M&M's As A Christmas Gift Idea - An interesting gift idea they're never expect. Print an inside joke or a special message on their favorite candy.

Bumper Ball - Hop in a bumper car, and play this soccer/hockey type game.
Stick Shooter - Impressive shooter game where you're a stick figure taking out stick figure "bad guys." The artistry of this game alone is worth the click to check this out.
Gyro Runner - This is a game where your stick figure does its best to balance on top of a giant ball with your help.

STUDY: Caffeine Perks Up Brain's Memory Centers - Obvious? Whose money was used to figure out that caffeine wakes us up? Hopefully not my tax money!
Oops, Those Hurricanes Weren't Because of Global Warming - Well, it was a thought, but the hurricanes weren't President Bush's fault, or because of global warming.
Mr. T & Me - Yes, yet another Mr. T sighting here in my blog. Enjoy!
Shameless Restaurants - Check for bad restaurant reviews in your city here at this informative website.
Wal-Mart Parodies - Funny parody videos, but, there are always two sides to every story.
Man gets 5,000+ channels on 12 dishes - Still, the classic problem persists...5,000 channels and you can't find anything good to watch! The best part of this story is this image of his satellite dishes, so make sure to click on that image to the right side of the page.
Mom Makes Teen Stand on Street With Sign - Creative punishments tend to work.
100 Best Communities for Young People - This is a great resource for young families looking for the best communities in the U.S. to raise their children.
Where's Hillary on Iraq? - Your guess is as good as mine!
President Bush Called To Jury Duty In Crawford, TX - He'll probably be excused because he's a little busy. I mean, if people can get out of jury duty for lesser reasons than running the country and fighting a war on terrorism, then I think George should be released from duty. Just my opinion.


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