Thursday, December 08, 2005

PR Student Blogs About Green Bay Packers Being Fed-up with Cell Phones Ringing During Press Conferences

"This is an interesting example of a major cell phone-induced interruption: a Green Bay Packer’s press conference was canceled when someone’s cell phone rang in the middle of questioning. To further emphasize their point, after the culprit didn’t identify himself by a set deadline, the scheduled press conference with quarterback Brett Favre was canceled, as well."

Read the full Packers event post.

Do you think the Packers reacted the correct way?

My take? Sure, they have a right to cancel the press conference, but, they should've accepted that a mistake happened -- because mistakes happen. And, they probably should've put their relationship with the media above a knee-jerk reaction to call off the event simply because this little thing happened.

Priorities, priorities. Often we lose our priorities because of momentary frustrations. I've done it myself. We all have at one time or another.


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