Monday, December 19, 2005

This Is What Happens When You Attempt To Rob the WRONG Person...

Wow, this guy got it good!

Make sure to check out the video of the attempted robbery -- and the ensuing smackdown -- in this story.

The article begins like this...

Store manager Edward Petrossi was working alone when the man entered the store.

It was Nov. 21, around 10:30 p.m. The man entered the Quik Stop market on La Loma Avenue and walked to a bank of coolers in the back. He grabbed an 18-pack of beer, then stood by the counter until all other customers left, Petrossi said Thursday.

The man asked for a Diet Snapple drink. Petrossi left his post behind the counter to check the shelves, found they were out, then walked back to the counter.

"And he followed right behind me," said Petrossi, 44. "I am very conscious of my surroundings. I felt his presence right behind me."

Petrossi, an Assyrian from Iran who said he is a black belt in six martial arts disciplines, spun around and found the man thrusting a knife at him.

Petrossi leaped back. "That's a really good knife!" he recalled thinking. "That's a knife that could kill me. My God, this is not a joke, I have to take this seriously."

Video surveillance shows Petrossi jump into a "ready position" — knees bent, fists cocked — then grab a pair of scissors and a box cutter from under the register.

"I said, 'Come on. You want the money? Come and get it,'" he said. "He dropped the beer and ran."

Read the rest of this great attempted robbery news story.


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