Monday, April 17, 2006

Microsoft Management Secrets

Very interesting...

This is how the Microsoft company keeps going and growing into the world leader in computers...

1). Hire the Best People
2). Bet the Company's Future On Big Opportunities
3). Expect People To fail & Learn from Their Mistakes
4). Insure that Managers Can Do the Work of the People What Report To Them
5). Evaluate People Only On Their Recent Performance
6). Spend Money Frugally
7). Manage A Large Company Like A Collection of Small, Independent Companies
8). Know What Is Actually Going On In the Company
9). Establish an "esprit de cour" (a spirit of cooperation) to motivate People To Superior Performance
10). Never Make Your Employees Put Up with Stupid Rules
11). Create an Office Atmosphere That's Like a Home Away from Home.
12). (a rule specific to Microsoft's environment) Focus On Total World Domination

In Creating an Office Atmosphere That's Like a Home Away from Home, Microsoft does the following:

-- Microsoft believes employees will not be as productive if their working environment is uncomfortable. The employee owns his own office and is allowed to decorate it as he or she desires. All employees order furniture and supplies from the same catelog. All offices have a window, and all offices are the same size, except for the very few top engineers and Bill Gates & Paul Allen.

-- There is no dress code at Microsoft. Dress can be relaexed as being barefoot, or as dressed-up as one desires.

-- The company provides free soft drinks, coffee, bottled water, etc. Just as one would have drinks supplied to them if they were at their own home.

-- There are no set work hours at the office for employees...and employees tend to put in more time because they only are judged by the work they accomplish -- not by the hours they work. Hours are not tracked by the company.

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