Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Theological Jack Bauer Facts

I'm not a watcher of the hit show, "24," but a lot of people are. So, here's a list of Theological Jack Bauer Facts for you...

  • Jack Bauer believes in Divine Election because he understands what it means to control everything.
  • Jack Bauer is a Complimentarian- everyone submits to him.
  • Jack Bauer once questioned the authenticity of the Bible, so he brought the authors back to life and tortured them until he was convinced they were telling the truth.
  • Jesus will return when Jack Bauer dies. The problem is that he keeps coming back to life.
  • Jack Bauer knows whether the earth is “young” or “old,” but no one’s successfully tortured it out of him.
  • For Jack Bauer, confrontation is the only form of evangelism.

Read the rest of the Jack Bauer list here.



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