Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Pimp My Grill"

We have a grill on our wedding registry (Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, & Sears), but it doesn't look anything like this one!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Happy Memorial Day!

Remember what this Memorial Day holiday weekend is about....

...and enjoy it!


What's This 'Nicene Creed' Mentioned In 'The Da Vinci Code'?

The Nicene Creed is something that is either accepted in full or not at all. This is the stand of Christianity. If you've read the book or have seen the film (The Da Vinci Code), you've heard about this Creed. What is it?

The Nicene Creed states things that may surprise some Christians, or "christians." Surprise them, because they've never been exposed to what it says, and what it asks the reader to believe and accept in his or her heart and mind.

The Nicene Creed is this (you can make up your own mind as to whether or not you accept what this ancient Creed states)...

We believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible;

And in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Only-begotten, Begotten of the Father before all ages, Light of Light, True God of True God, Begotten, not made, of one essence with the Father, by Whom all things were made:

Who for us men and for our salvation came down from heaven, and was incarnate of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary, and was made man;

And was crucified also for us under Pontius Pilate, and suffered and was buried;

And the third day He rose again, according to the Scriptures;

And ascended into heaven, and sitteth at the right hand of the Father;

And He shall come again with glory to judge the living and the dead, Whose kingdom shall have no end.

And we believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, and Giver of Life, Who proceedeth from the Father, Who with the Father and the Son together is worshipped and glorified, Who spoke by the Prophets;

And we believe in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

We acknowledge one Baptism for the remission of sins.

We look for the Resurrection of the dead,

And the Life of the age to come. Amen.

*Note: as recited in Church, we use the first person singular, "I believe...," throughout the Creed, although, as a conciliar decree, it was originally set down in the plural, "We believe...."

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Christians Painted Falsely In Da Vinci Code Reactions

It's sad how reporters, and wanna-be reporters, look for stories and then blow them up represent a group as a whole. This is currently being done to Christians of all flavors in the story of how they/we are responding to the movie, The Da Vinci Code.

I did a search for "anti da vinci" in Google, and these stories came up in their news section. The tops story (at the time of my search) about Da Vinci spam hitting email boxes isn't about Christians being misrepresented -- it's about someone claiming to offer a free copy of the Dan Brown book (I receive this spam every day -- no big deal) -- but the following stories do speak to the problem.

Yes, some Christian groups are boycotting, marching against, writing against, etc. the film's themes. They have every right to do so. But, poor and even misleading journalism is leading people to believe that the majority of Christians are embracing these tactics against the film. This simply isn't true.

Fortunately, some journalists are writing about how Christians are embracing the opportunities this film offers. Films such as The Da Vinci Code produce opportunities to talk about the controversial themes of the movie with people who are not Christians. People talk about it at work, at gatherings, between families members, and in other places. But ... if Christians are not prepared to engage in these discussions, then the opportunity will be lost.

I've told you, my little, but loyal audience, that I work for the magazine publisher Christianity Today. We do publish 13 publications, but that's not all. Here's a sampling (including CTI's resources) that can assist Christians is preparing themselves for the conversations that are still happening everywhere about the themes of this film:

The Truth about Da Vinci
5 Big Questions from The Da Vinci Code (CTI)
Moody Bible Institute (CTI)
Christian History & Biography (CTI)'s Resources (CTI) (CTI)

There are many more resources out there. but this will get you started if you want to learn more about truths within the discussion of The Da Vinci Code.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

FORTUNE: The 100 Best Companies To Work For

Check out Fortune magazine's list of The 100 Best Companies To Work For in 2006.

You can also check out this list published in one of my employer's publications, Christianity Today magazine, of The Top 40 Christian Companies To Work For.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Hurricane Freak-Out Begins

From Al Tompkins' Morning Meeting Media Tip Sheet (at

Hey, we have to have something to take the place of the Florida alligator-attack stories, so now we can start the hurricane worry season. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says there is plenty to worry about this year. Here are some resources that you might want to bookmark for your coverage this year:

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What In the World?!

Oh Baby!

Crazy Band-aids You Can Buy

I told you, perhaps half a year ago, about one or two of these crazy-styled bandages. But now, this novelty company has a whole line of fun and wild bandages that might even make you want to get a scrape or cut, just so you can stick one of these on your body.

Some of the band-aids include: Bacon, Sushi, a Kiss, Pirate, and Cowboy.

Check out these fun bandages!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Using Old News To Run A Website?

Can Yesterday's News, not today's news, be interesting fodder for a successful blog?

I'd vote yes.

This is a really interesting idea for a blog. Check it out!

How The Da Vinci Code Doesn't Work...

This article doesn't so much go into why The Da Vinci Code has problems on the theology side of things. Instead, it goes into some really interesting facts that show problems/falsehoods in the film.

For instance, the tracking device was imbedded in a bar of soap from the restroom of The Louvre (after breaking in through the restroom window to obtain the soap). But, says this article:
  • The restrooms of the Louvre have liquid soap, just like most other public restrooms.
  • According to a "Da Vinci Code" tour guide, the restrooms in that part of the Louvre do not have windows [ref].

Read the rest of this Da Vinci Code article.

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Baghdad's Lionel Richie Obsession

It's true, Baghdad men get "misty-eyed" at the mere mention of Lionel Richie. "Iraqis who do not understand a word of English can sing an entire Lionel Richie song."

It really something how some musicians become wildly popular overseas -- often years after their careers fizzle here in the states.

Read the article about this Iraqi craze over Lionel Richie here.

Friday, May 19, 2006

NEWS: Sunny D Is Bad For Fish

Yep, fish are apparently not fan of the refreshing, sweet beverage, Sunny Delight. We found that out today when it was reported that some 8,000 liters of the drink's concentrate leaked into a waterway and fish were found doing that floating thing they do when they die.

Check it out.

The Da Vinci Diet


This author received reportedly receive a six-figure advance for writing Da Vinci Diet.

:::via: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Stephen Lanzalotta created what he called the "Da Vinci Diet" in response to the decline in bread consumption brought on by the popularity of the Atkins Diet. The diet consists mostly of Mediterranean foods, including bread, fish, cheese, vegetables, meat, nuts and wine.

The diet is based on the Golden Ratio or Phi, a mathematical value that was used to build the pyramids and has since been found to exist most everywhere in nature. Da Vinci is said to have used the Golden Ratio to proportion the human figures in his paintings which is how it found its way into Dan Brown's hugely popular novel.

The author, Stephen Lanzalotta, is a baker. Read more about this book, and the diet, over at Fox News.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

70,000 Beer Cans Found In Utah Home

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Religious Affiliation of History's 100 "Most Influential" People


You, and I, can argue with the choice of the people who made this list, but it's interesting nonetheless.

The Cow Says, "Moo"

Here's a fun chart of noises that animals make.

What's so fun about that? People in other countries don't necessarily say that "The cow says, "Moo.'"

People in Japan will tell you that a cow says, "mau mau."

Dutch people will tell you that a cow says, "boe" or "moe."

You can read the rest of the animal and country noises here.

VIDEO: Two Brothers Being Brothers

My brother and I sure got along better than these two guys.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Get To Know Me, Your Blogger...You'll Want To Read This one


If you haven't read this story yet, here's a link to my Dad's writing about when I was 10 years old with bacterial spinal meningitis. It was quite an ordeal...

"Your Son Has Meningitis"

This story is from my Dad's series of books that were published as the Silent Echoes Book Series.

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What Is "Google Notebook"?

Google has released their latest online tool from their famous "Google Labs" beta tool area.

What is Google Notebook? That's a great question.

Basically, and you can check Google Notebook out for yourself if you really don't care for my explanation, you can collect text snippets, images and links while surfing, right within your browser window. This information is then accessible from different computers, and you can also make notebooks public.

Here's a deeper explanation than that. It's from the "Google Blogoscoped" blog.

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Household Items that Double as Organizers

Please allow me to get domestic for a moment. Hey, it's all about helping you, my precious readers, learn something new and fun for your needs around the house.

I'll be married in a month and a half (Woo!), so we're getting my place in order. That's why I'm checking out magazines such as this one, Real Simple, which features these 9 great tips on organizing around the house (or, the apartment in my case).

New uses for file racks, CD cases, napkin holders, and so much more!

BONUS: Here are some more great ideas for your life.

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cooking with Twinkies


NPR's Allison Keyes just wandered by to show me the new book on -- when you're cooking at home -- how best to prepare Twinkies. I kid you not.

The full title is, The Twinkies Cookbook: An Inventive and Unexpected Recipe Collection from Hostess. No author is taking credit for the text, but you should know that the "food photography" is by Leo Gong. This book should be on The Gong Show.

It's one thing to eat Twinkies. People have long been doing that, especially when you run out of Fig Newtons. And I completely understand the lure. "Hostess Twinkies are just great ... by themselves!" gushes the text. "As dessert, as a treat in a lunch box, as a between-meal snack ..." I know that. Actually, when I had my first apartment, in Fort Lee, N.J., Twinkies were not only my between-meal snacks, they were often my meals.

But -- I'm not making this up -- Twinkie Sushi? (page 10: "It's nice to serve Twinkie Sushi at a dinner party on a Japanese tray or bento box with chopsticks," writes an obviously over-Twinkied Clare Crespo of Baton Rouge, La. Twinkie Burrito? (page 29: "One day while at my wife's Mexican restaurant," writes Peter Sheridan of Washington, D.C., "I tried wrapping the mixture in a tortilla so I could eat it with my hands. Even though my wife laughs at me, Twinkie burritos are delicious, and now all of her employees and I are hooked!"

Read the rest of this "Cooking with Twinkies" story.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

VIDEO: Pilots REALLY Don't Like Flying In Thunderstorms

...and this video from the FAA's Radar Tracking System proves it!

They're FexEx planes, but they look like little ants avoiding a puddle of water!


Monday, May 08, 2006

The Da Vinci "Toad"?

That's right! And, you can buy your Da Vinci Toad t-shirt or cap today!

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Organization To Honor Biggest Boobs

Yeah, I thought that title might get your attention. (I'm sorry about the title, Mom, but don't worry, this isn't about what you think it's about...well, mostly it's not...just sort of.)

The National Breast Cancer Coalition, a grassroots organization dedicated to ending breast cancer through the power of action and advocacy, today announced the launch of the "Golden Boob Awards," a bold new effort to expose the "biggest boobs" seeking to exploit breast cancer for their own political or financial aims. The effort is headquartered online, at

The first two nominees have already been unveiled, but the public is invited to submit additional ones. They are "The Abortion/Breast Cancer Coalition" & "Mark For Life."

Read more about these huge boobs.

(Explanation: Number One: I'm in the PR business, so this creative idea to get the word out about their contest to nail those who are (at least seemingly, from the info they're providing) exploiting for their own good is a great idea. Number Two: I'm getting married in less than two months. So, I have to admit that once in a while I think about a certain woman's anatomy. Do you forgive me?)

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Great Orators of the Democratic Party

Great Orators of the Democratic Party

"One man with courage makes a majority."--Andrew Jackson

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."--Franklin D. Roosevelt

"The buck stops here."--Harry S. Truman

"Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."--John F. Kennedy

"I was recently asked about the difference between the Democratic and Republican parties. When it comes right down to it, the essential difference is that the Democrats fundamentally believe it is important to make sure that American Jews feel comfortable being American Jews."--Howard Dean

Ha, ha!

via WSJ's OpinionJournal

Clueless about Their Own Attitudes On Abortion...

Check out this report from the Associated Press (via WSJ's OpinionJournal):

When Tom Cruise announced he had bought an ultrasound machine so he could see images of his unborn child [sic], a California lawmaker thought the "Mission: Impossible III" star had gone too far.

Democratic Assemblyman Ted Lieu said he feared copycat fans might buy the machine for home use, which doctors say could harm a fetus.

It's something how political representatives can't even clearly represent their own attitudes on a topic such as abortion. This assemblyman doesn't want to harm "fetuses," but if you look it up, you'll see that he, and the vast majority of his California Democratic colleagues, also support abortion. Abortion is um, harmful ... for fetuses.

Believe what you want to believe -- I don't have to agree with you. But for goodness sake, make up your mind, Ted. Do you want to hurt "fetuses" or protect them?

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fact or Fuelishness?

Fact or Fuelishness?
by Al Tompkins

Forget about those "fuel mileage boosters." They aren't going to help your gas mileage, and they may very well hurt your car.

Read on about this gas/fuel/petro story.

Roast Veggies 'As Bad for Teeth as Fizzy Drinks'

First they want to take away my sode/pop/coke (depending on which area of the country you're from -- I'll call it "pop"), not they want to take away my vegetables??!!

Children across the world are passing this article to each other today and will collectively show their parents this article all at the same time this afternoon. Crack your windows to hear the united SIGH by parents everywhere.

(I love roasted veggies.)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What Is a "Bed Book"?

"Bed Books" are books with the text printed sideways. That way, you can lay on your side and read at the same time.

What do you think about this invention?

Monday, May 01, 2006

VIDEO: Mario Bros. Live On Stage

If you haven't seen this viral video yet, check out the creativity of these Gordon College students as they re-create the classic game, Mario Brothers.

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