Thursday, June 15, 2006

Are We Making A Positive Difference In Iraq?

I say that we are making a positive difference...but what weight does that hold? None. I know that.

But, what if the formerly alive Abu Musab al-Zarqawi himself said the same thing, that American forces ARE making the impact they have planned to make in Iraq? And, what if the formerly dispicable al-Zarqawi went into detail about how his insurgents continue to lose ground?

And...what if we read that letter together now?

Yes, we ARE slowly breaking down the forces of the insurgents. We are also making a noticeable and positive impact in the people's society in Iraq without replacing their culture with ours (as some have feared and have proclaimed.

452 raids have been completed since al-Zarqawi's death, with 104 insurgents killed. Over 700 opposition forces have been captured during these raids.

Read more information about what else was accomplished and captured during the Al-Zarqawi Raid.

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