Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Flickr Image of the Day -- "Little Woman"

I'm going to work on getting into the habit of showing you pictures on a regular basis from Flickr.com

I'll be taking the liberty of re-titling each image as well. Because I can.

Some images will be taken by true professionals, and others will be taken by true amateurs. Each one will simply be ones that catch my eye for some reason.

Because I want to preserve the copyrights of each photographer, I won't be copying the images here into my blog. I'll just link to them. But, don't let that stop you from checking out the images -- along with other images from each day's photographer.

So now, I give you today's inaugural picture, it's an image I'm going to call, "Little Woman."

I like how this picture portrays the natural way children desire to run away and explore. One second, a child is amazed by a shiny object, the next second he or she is enthralled and overjoyed by the wide-open space around them.

We all have times of desiring wide-open spaces. We desire these open spaces the majority of the hours of our days -- for most people at least. But, there are also times when we feel a drive to return to the comfort and peace of a confined area much like the womb we once vacated.

These ebbs and flows drive us around and around. The best of times in life are when we can find the open or confined spaces we desire.

For me, I find both of these places of creature comfort in the arms of my wife, Nicole.

It's been five months Sweetie, and we're still going strong! I love you, Nic.


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