Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Flickr Picture of the Day: "50 Years from Now"

This picture caught my attention for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is that I hope to still have Nicole at my side 50 years from now. We're only a few months into our marriage, and 50 years would make me, um...let's see...

(...carry the 2, and add the 5...)

...that would make me 84. Yeah, my hand would look something like that when I'm 84 years old.

The other reason this image caught my eye was because their hands are resting on the Bible. Nicole and I were very intentional to craft our wedding ceremony around the faith in Christ that we share. Our belief and trust in Jehovah (not just in a general or generic God) is our foundation.

We don't always get our faith right. But, we have never claimed to be perfect or suddenly pure since we trust in the God we strive to serve.

Everyone has a foundation. Our foundation isn't being pushed on you just because we discuss it with you. And when you tell my wife or me about what you trust in as the foundation of your life, you're not automatically pushing your foundation on us.

Is your foundation strong. Is it in itself strong enough on which to stand? occasionally jump upon? occasionally ?

Choose your foundation wisely. This picture portrays ours, and Nic and I are now only 49 years and 7 months away from our 50th anniversary together upon that foundation.

Be well.


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