Friday, November 03, 2006

The Next Time Someone Tells You...

...that they hate President Bush because he's banned stem-cell research, you can choose one (or all) of these options in response:

1. The president has not banned stem-cell research. He simply did not choose to expand the current law to allow our tax money to fund EMBRYONIC stem-cell research. No president before Bush chose to do so either.

2. Ask them, "Can you tell me who the only president is who's ever allowed ANY embryonic stem-cell research?" (Answer: Yep, President Bush. He allowed a specific group of embryos which had already been prepared for this kind of research.)

3. Tell them that you are in favor of stem-cell research as well, just as President Bush is. But you and the Prez are in favor of ADULT stem-cell research. At present, there have been more than 70 different viable, or already in use, ways adult stem-cell research is working. Embryonic stem-cell research (which is going on in many places in America -- through private funding) has yet to produce one viable result.

Chose one, or choose them all, but 92-94% of Americans (just my own estimate) don't understand the information listed above.

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